Center for Collaborative Solutions

Unleashing the Power of People Working Together  


Helping others to discover innovative and effective ways to achieve shared goals and visions.

The CECHCR Project

The CECHCR Project is a neutral, non-profit initiative of the Center for Collaborative Solutions with support from statewide management associations and unions in California public education. Our mission is to improve the quality and reduce the cost of health care for California school and community college districts.

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Professional Support for Organizations and Events

Building on on our extensive experience in producing large conferences, in partnership development, and in providing financial and business services for speakers and programs, CCS now offers comprehensive services in each of these areas.  


Healthy Behaviors Initiative

The Healthy Behaviors Initiative (HBI) supports local and statewide efforts by transforming expanded learning programs into places that embed healthy eating, physical activity and food security in their policies, practices and behaviors--changing the lives of the students, staff and families.


Workplace Collaboration Services

CCS has a mission and a passion for unleashing the power of people working together. We specialize in expert facilitation of multi-stakeholder issues and have a solid track record of helping groups to find and implement effective solutions