CECHCR’s Health Benefits Consulting Services

The CECHCR Project is proud to offer a model of health benefits services in which districts rely on neutral, non-profit health benefits experts that do not take commissions and other compensation from health insurers. This neutrality ensures that you receive absolutely unbiased information and advice to guide you in your health benefits decisions.

Our expertise in labor-management relations also helps districts, unions and health benefits committees to be more effective in achieving their goals of navigating the complexities of health care issues, and ensuring high quality benefits for the best prices.

In order to fully appreciate what The CECHCR Project has to offer, it is important to know and understand our central values and operating principles, which provide the basis from which we serve our clients.

  • EXPERTISE. We are committed to providing the best possible services to our client districts and unions. At the core this means ensuring that our representatives are deep experts in all relevant aspects of health benefits and labor-management relations.

  • NEUTRALITY. We must always represent both districts and unions in a neutral fashion, and our advice and advocacy on behalf of our clients must be free of any financial remuneration from health plans or providers.

  • FULL TRANSPARENCY. We are committed to educating and supporting all parties—districts, unions and health benefits committees—so they can make the best, most informed choices.

  • COMMITMENT TO QUALITY HEALTH CARE. We are concerned not only with bringing our clients the best prices, but also with helping raise the quality of services and care that employees and their families receive.

  • COMMITMENT TO HEALTH PROMOTION AND WELLNESS. We maintain a strong interest in improving the health of all who work in public education.

  • COMMITMENT TO PUBLIC EDUCATION. We and our advisory organizations are deeply knowledgeable and supportive of the needs and goals in public education. We specialize in this arena only.

  • GENUINE COST SAVINGS. To us, cost savings does not mean cost shifting, and our savings estimates are always calculated accordingly.

By utilizing these values and principles we at the CECHCR Project believe we can fundamentally and positively change the ways in which school districts and unions access health benefits expertise and support.

Examples of Our Services


Full service, periodic due diligence independent evaluations comparing current cost and quality of health benefits with other options available in the marketplace, including:

  • Drafting of Request for Proposals;

  • Evaluation of proposals received, including actuarial values and detailed side-by-side comparisons of current plan benefits with new options, to help you make informed decisions;

  • Full support for implementing your choices, including open enrollment, troubleshooting and liaison with your provider.

Coaching on a wide variety of health benefits issues in conjunction with CECHCR’s Health Benefits Educational Packages.