Making Informed Choices: Cost and Quality of Health Care

This module covers discovering the true cost of care for your district, learning how to access local health care provider quality information, getting the data you need from your health plan, and learning what you can do to help make sure you are getting good quality care.  (This module requires internet access.) 

  1. To learn ways to become more informed about the actual cost of care for your district.
  2. To discover the quality of care you are getting from your doctors and hospitals.
  3. To learn how to be better users of the health care services you receive.
  4. To identify effective ways to communicate cost and quality information that will benefit your constituencies.
  1. Review and discuss the trends in the health industry and how they impact health care costs.
  2. Understand the terms and reports used by the insurance industry and be better prepared for questions at the next renewal of your plan. 
  3. Learn to use web-based tools for evaluating the performance of hospitals and medical groups. 
  4. Learn about standards of quality care and which types of care work best.
  5. Learn to use information about health care quality to get better care.