Effective Health Benefits Practices for Labor - Management Teams

This module identifies key health cost drivers and includes requests for proposals and model consultant/broker contracts.

  1. Know and understand options available for committee design and structure.
  2. Understand roles and responsibilities for effective health benefit committees. 
  3. Know and understand the fiduciary and ethical responsibilities of those committees. 
  4. Know and understand how to work effectively with and receive the highest quality services from consultants and brokers. 
  5. Learn the essential elements and components of model contracts and request for proposals.
  1. Discussion of cost and quality issues driving up health costs, and how your committee makes decisions about them.
  2. Discussion of ways to take control of those decisions, and become more proactive with brokers and consultants.
  3. Each committee will use a Health Benefits Committee Assessment to determine member satisfaction with current procedures and/or discuss ways to increase the committee’s effectiveness. Committee members will share their findings with the entire group. 
  4. Review and discuss fiduciary and ethical responsibilities and what those mean for committee members.
  5. Examine and discuss key documents.