Introducing J Glynn & Company

CECHCR partners with J Glynn & Company to provide all of our Second Opinion services.  We selected them very carefully – as they met two criteria critically important to us.  First, they are deep experts in all areas of health benefits; and second—they are completely neutral and objective.  They have no ties to the insurance industry and do not take commissions or other compensation from carriers.  Most consultants in this industry take funds from health plans to bring them business, and J Glynn & Company never do that.

J. Glynn & Company has specialized in the business of health care for more than 30 years.  Their mission is to develop solutions that improve the quality, reduce the cost, and increase access to health care services, and to advance the health status of the communities they serve.  Since 2004 they have supported CECHCR’s efforts to help California school districts become better, more informed purchasers and users of health benefits, not only through the Second Opinion program but by helping in the development of CECHCR’s training curriculum as well.  Their consulting team consists of career professionals with both purchaser and provider backgrounds whose primary goal is to help school districts and their employees gain access to the highest quality, lowest cost health care services available to them.