CECHCR's Second Opinion Program
CECHCR's Second Opinion Program Helps Save Millions in Health Care Costs!

One solution to your skyrocketing health care costs might be CECHCR’s Second Opinion services. The experience in El Rancho Unified School District is one example of the success of our Second Opinion program. Described as an “eye opener,” the CECHCR Second Opinion process produced savings of over $1.6 million while maintaining benefit levels.  And as a result, layoffs were averted and employees got raises for the first time in seven years!

To date, districts and employees have saved over $100 million statewide through participating in CECHCR’s Second Opinion program.  See more of our success stories here!

If you are interested in learning more about CECHCR’s Second Opinion program, sign up for a free Orientation session today!  CECHCR will also do a free Desk Review to determine if we can help you save money in your unique situation.

Module V Second Opinion is a fee-for-service program, based on the value we can bring to you and the effort it will take to get you there!  Fees go to pay our expert consultants at J Glynn & Co, and a small percentage goes to support and continue the work of the non-profit CECHCR initiative.

Second Opinions Receive Rave Reviews!

“We are thrilled with the healthcare cost savings CECHCR helped us achieve when we were told it just wasn’t possible.  Their honesty, knowledge and assistance each step of the way helped us move in the right direction and get more for our money.”
- Superintendent Marc Winger, Newhall School District

“We have better benefits and costs, there is less stress, and I’m so much happier my members are taken care of.”
- CSEA President Michelle Aguilar-Brown, Ukiah Unified School District

“Thanks to CECHCR, we turned a $1 million deficit into a positive balance, plus provided better benefits for employees for less money.”
- Chief Business Official Sandra Harrington, Ukiah Unified School District

“We’ve had no complaints. Savings are substantial and people are happy about it. It has helped everyone.”
- Newhall Teachers Association President Carole Magnuson, Newhall School District

“CECHCR has helped save between $250 - $1,000 per month out of our employee's pockets.”
- Assistant Superintendent Melody Canady, Greenfield Union School District

"CECHCR helped us get more ‘bang for the buck’ with a better variety of affordable plans that meet individual needs of employees with the same out-of-pocket costs.”
- CSEA President Lorri Limoges, Moreno Valley Unified School District