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"I applaud CECHCR's efforts to bring all educational institutions together to utilize our collective buying power." Alex Cannon, Oceanside USD

"Invaluable information. I can now ask the righ questions at a benefits committee meeting rather than just sit and listen. We can make a difference if we apply the resources provided by CECHCR." Maria Martinez, Beaumont USD

About CECHCR Health Benefits Training

What is CECHCR Training?
CECHCR’s mission is to help California school and community college districts improve the quality and reduce the cost of their health care.  CECHCR Health Benefits Training is designed to help districts and unions work effectively together to become wiser purchasers and users of health benefits.  The training curriculum is divided into three 3-hour modules:

Effective Health Benefits Practices for Labor-Management Teams
Making Informed Choices:  Cost & Quality of Health Care
Managing Health Benefits Costs

Our curriculum is updated regularly so as to keep the information we deliver both current and relevant.  The modules you select for your group will depend on your current needs and prior knowledge. 

Who can attend?
CECHCR provides health benefits training for labor-management teams only.  Outside consultants, brokers or plan administrators that you may be working with in your district are therefore not eligible to participate.  All members of your health benefits committee, your bargaining teams and district and union leadership (including board members) are welcome to attend.  Within these parameters you may invite as many participants as the room will accommodate!

How is CECHCR Training delivered?
The training is delivered free of charge for groups of two or more districts, (CECHCR will train a single district for a fee).
The training is held at a site convenient to your team (usually a district or union meeting room) and is presented using PowerPoint presentations and other training materials. Each module is 3 hours in length.  You may chose 1 module for a half-day training, 2 modules for a one-day training, or all 3 training modules over a two-day period.
The training is delivered by a volunteer team of trainers representing both labor and management.  Our trainers have experience in the trenches of public education and are passionate about helping others improve their health benefits effort. 

CECHCR Training Modules

Effective Health Benefits Practices for Labor - Management Teams
This module covers the basics of working effectively as a labor-management committee that deals with health benefits, and getting the highest quality of services from consultants and brokers, including essential elements of model contracts and RFPsRead more.

Making Informed Choices:  Cost & Quality of Health Care
The Cost & Quality module is designed to help you make informed choices about the cost and quality of health care.  It covers discovering the true cost of care for your district, learning how to access local health care provider quality information, getting the data you need from your health plan, and learning what you can do to help make sure you are getting good quality care. Read more.

Managing Health Care Costs
The Managing Costs module covers the context and tools for evaluating strategies to control health care costs, including understanding the business model of insurance and learning how to get the most out of it, as well as information on specific strategies, such as CECHCR’s Second Opinion Program and Health Promotion and Wellness.  Module III also includes the latest information on the Affordable Care Act. Read more.