The CECHCR Project is a neutral, non-profit initiative of the Center for Collaborative Solutions (CCS) with support from statewide management associations and unions in California public education.  Our mission is to improve the quality and reduce the cost of health care for California school and community college districts. Toward this end, we offer two types of services:
Health Benefits Training
3 training modules designed to teach labor and management teams how to function as an effective health benefits committee, how to be wise purchasers of health benefits, and how to understand the issues of cost & quality relating to health benefits.  Our training modules are approximately 3 hours in length. Districts typically chose 2 modules for one full day of training, or all 3 modules for two full days, with the afternoon of the second day reserved for team planning.  The training is typically presented by two trainers, one with a management background and one affiliated with one of the unions.  Learn more about our training modules here.
In-depth Support for a Single District
CECHCR has two ways it works in depth with single districts and their unions.  The first is our Second Opinion Program.  Similar to a second opinion you might obtain from a doctor, this program is essentially an analysis of your current health benefits situation with an eye towards making and helping you implement recommendations which will reduce costs while maintaining benefits.  While our Second Opinion is a fee-for-service program, (with fees based on the value we can bring to you combined with the amount of effort it will take to produce results), the Orientation meeting and a preliminary Desk Review to determine if we can help you are free.  Learn more about our Second Opinion Program here.

Our Health Benefits Consulting Services program is a comprehensive package of ongoing health benefits expert consultant services that is custom-designed to fit to the needs of your district.  It is like having a broker, only better!  Brokers take commissions and other compensation from the various health plans when they bring business to them.  CECHCR would never do that.  Because we take no monies from the insurance industry we can be totally neutral about all our recommendations to you, including the fact that we can recommend options that you might never hear of otherwise.  CECHCR charges an annual fee for its Health Benefits Services Program, based on the services included. 

“We are thrilled with the healthcare cost savings CECHCR helped us achieve when we were told it just wasn’t possible.  Their honesty, knowledge and assistance each step of the way helped us move in the right direction and get more for our money.”
Superintendent Marc Winger, Newhall School District

“We have better benefits and costs, there is less stress, and I’m so much happier my members are taken care of.”
CSEA President Michelle Aguilar-Brown, Ukiah Unified School District

“Thanks to CECHCR, we turned a $1 million deficit into a positive balance, plus provided better benefits for employees for less money.”
Chief Business Official Sandra Harrington, Ukiah Unified School District

“We’ve had no complaints. Savings are substantial and people are happy about it. It has helped everyone.”
Newhall Teachers Association President Carole Magnuson, Newhall School District

“CECHCR has helped save between $250 - $1,000 per month out of our employee's pockets.”
Assistant Superintendent Melody Canady, Greenfield Union School District

"CECHCR helped us get more ‘bang for the buck’ with a better variety of affordable plans that meet individual needs of employees with the same out-of-pocket costs.”
CSEA President Lorri Limoges, Moreno Valley Unified School District