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Conference Production

Having created its own 3-day labor-management cooperation annual conference for over 20 years, CCS is well-experienced in all that goes into producing a large event. And our team enjoys helping others with this work.

At this time CCS is serving as the Event Producer for California’s Visionary Summit—a ground-breaking 4-day conference to be held this year September 19-22 in Sacramento.

The Visionaries Summit is where innovative approaches to the most critical issues of our time are introduced, explored and amplified. Not only do we come together to cross-pollinate and meld ideas in order to create the future we all deserve, but we come to shift our perspectives, and activate our potential for the evolutionary challenges ahead. It’s a gathering for those who care enough about humanity to lead the way forward. It's a convening for those who dare to dream bigger. It's a catalyst for new ideas, strategies, and projects that are truly game-changing.

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