About the CECHCR Project

The CECHCR Project is a neutral, non-profit initiative of the Center for Collaborative Solutions (CCS) with support from statewide management associations and unions in California public education. 


In 2005 a group of statewide education labor and management organizations (funded by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service) came together to establish The California Education Coalition for Health Care Reform (CECHCR) in response to escalating health care costs and the devastating impact they were having on the public education sector. Beginning in June 2007, funding was provided by The California Endowment, California Health Care Foundation and CECHCR member organizations including the following:

  • Association of California School Administrators

  • California Association of School Business Officials

  • California Federation of Teachers

  • California School Boards Association

  • California School Employees Association

  • California Teachers Association

  • Community College League of California

  • School Employers Association of California

Over the years CECHCR was remarkably successful in achieving its educational mission: helping school districts and their unions work effectively together to save money and implement best practices in how they handle the complexity of health benefits issues. Labor and management statewide organizations set the example of working well together as the CECHCR coalition and inspired hundreds of local district/union groups to do the same.

CECHCR was also instrumental in calling attention to practices in the insurance industry where districts were receiving biased information that resulted in financial gain for those handing out the advice. Because CECHCR is scrupulously neutral and takes no money from insurance companies, it has become a trusted source of health benefits financial information. Through its health benefits services programs, CECHCR has helped districts and their employees save well in excess of $150 million.

Currently, the CECHCR landscape has changed and the forces that led to CECHCR’s formation (serious financial crises in public education, combined with consistent double-digit premium increase for health insurance) have now abated. Nonetheless, health industry practices and the fact that health care costs continue to rise at a rate much greater than inflation, make continuing education and support a vital service for public education Health Benefits Committees.

In 2016 CECHCR reorganized and became The CECHCR Project. Although the original coalition members no longer provide funding support for CECHCR, they still serve on our advisory board and support our education and service programs.

Our Services

The mission of The CECHCR Project is to improve the quality and reduce the cost of health care for California school and community college districts. Toward this end, we offer two types of services:


Health Benefits education series

The CECHCR Project has developed a series of five instructional videos designed to teach labor and management teams how to function as an effective health benefits committee, how to be wise purchasers of health benefits, and how to understand the issues of cost & quality relating to health benefits.  

Each video is 15-20 minutes in length and comes packaged with a series of detailed handouts and a live coaching call during which you may ask questions and go deeper into subject areas of your choice with our health benefits expert.

These video packages are priced based on the size of the district (number of employees, not ADA) divided into three tiers — small, medium and large districts.

Health Benefits Consulting Services

Our Health Benefits Consulting Services program is a comprehensive selection of services that is custom-designed to fit to the needs of your school or community college district and unions. 

Because we take no monies from the insurance industry CECHCR can be totally neutral and transparent about all our recommendations to you, including the fact that we can recommend options that you might never hear of otherwise.

The CECHCR Project’s expertise in labor-management relations also helps districts, unions and health benefits committees to be more effective in achieving their goals of navigating the complexities of health care and ensuring high quality benefits for the best prices.

CECHCR’s fees for its health benefits services are based on the scope of work requested. 


The CECHCR Project Advisory Committee

Association of California School Administratiors (ACSA)

Laura Preston - Legislative Advocate

Mark Sontag - IUSD Health Benefit Management Board, retired

California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO)

Molly McGee Hewitt - Executive Director

Sara Bachez - Assistant Executive Director, Government Relations

Community College League of California (CCLC)

Larry Galizio - President & CEO

California Federation of Teachers (CFT)

Brian Doyle - Field Representative, retired

California School EmployeEs Association (CSEA)

Janet Jones Sterling - Field Director (Labor Co-Chair)

California School Boards Association

Teri Burns - Legislative Advocate, retired

School Employers Association of California (SEAC)

Mike Crass - Assistant Executive Director (Management Co-Chair)

Ruben Ingram - Executive Director, retired