Our Mission...

Our goal is to change systems and
cultures in expanded learning


to allow for opportunities for
women and girls of color to
grow and develop

and realize their full potential
professionally and personally.




Who Are We?
We are a dedicated group of women of color who hold positions of leadership and influence in the expanded learning field in California. We recognize that our positions afford us with many opportunities to create change and we do not take that for granted. We look to the women who blazed trails before us to make sure we could get here, and we work for the women and girls who have roads still to travel to find their voice and place. We stand together because our sisters still face many disparities and inequities. We strive to close those gaps, and stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers to lift up the solutions that will help those coming up behind us and to shine a light on the successes that we have already found. We share a desire to build agency as a vehicle to guide our choices, and to create opportunities for growth and change in expanded learning.

We believe that expanded learning programs can serve as a platform to combat these inequities on so many levels, including mentorship and leadership coaching. Our programs reach hundreds of thousands of students every day, many of whom are girls of color. Our programs employ thousands of young women of color who are just starting their careers, including future teachers and community leaders. They need a robust support system that we feel prepared to offer. We are committed to these women. 

We are committed to seeing all of them succeed in the expanded learning field and beyond, and to find their place in the world. We want them to one day fill our place and take the work that we have started to the next level for future generations.

To that end, we are working collaboratively to plan a statewide strategy to advocate for 
and advance leadership opportunities for women and girls of color in the expanded learning field.

As our project continues to grow and opportunities to connect arise, we will update our website.  Please bookmark this page to keep up to date with our latest happenings!