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California Education Coalition
for Health Care Reform

The severity of the health care crisis combined with escalating costs is having a devastating effect on public education. In response, public education leaders—representing both management and labor organizations—have joined together in their commitment to reduce costs and ensure quality, affordable health care for all public school employees. From offering free trainings that empower school districts and unions to make better health care decisions to exploring alternative, cost effective methods of providing coverage, CECHCR is leveraging its combined power and resources to find solutions to this crisis in public education. 

CECHCR's Second Opinion Program Helps Save Millions!  
Another solution to your skyrocketing health care costs might be CECHCR’s Module V Second Opinion services. The experience in Montebello Unified School District is one Second Opinion example. When Montebello was faced with a 30 percent increase to their health insurance plan, CECHCR consultants at J Glynn & Co assisted their insurance committee through the Second Opinion process that helped avert the crisis and move members to a new plan. Described as a “tide turn” for the District, this joint effort between management and labor resulted in a combined savings of approximately $11.5 million in 2010, and increased to $14 million the following year.

CECHCR has now helped multiple districts save many millions of dollars per year. If you are interested in CECHCR’s Second Opinion program, sign up here for a free Orientation session to learn more about it.  Second Opinion is a fee-for-service program, based on the current and future savings we can bring you.  Fees go to pay our expert consultants at J Glynn & Co, and a small percentage goes to support and continue the work of the non-profit CECHCR initiative.

CECHCR Helps Districts Navigate Purchasing
Districts can gain the knowledge and tools they need to make more informed health care purchasing decisions by signing up for free health benefits trainings sponsored by CECHCR. Make a difference for district employees by putting into action free strategies and tools that can lead to cost savings, such as how to choose a health plan, sample model contracts and RFPs, and how to negotiate more effectively with a broker to get the best coverage at the lowest cost.